Manager’s appeal to fans over ‘taking the knee’ boos

Darren Moore has asked all Wednesday fans to respect visiting teams who take the knee before matches at Hillsborough.

Some supporters booed the Shrewsbury team at S6 last Saturday when our opponents stood as a group on the centre circle, rather than from their individual positions as has become the norm. There were after-match discussions as to whether the reaction could have been directed at the way the visiting team took the knee or if there was frustration at the start of the game being delayed by the ‘halfway-line’ actions of the Shrewsbury players.

Moore said today: “I remember the incident last week. I can understand there was a bit of confusion with the players lining up and what looked like a delayed taking of the knee, I can understand the confusion in that and how some of our fans could have seen it.

“I was obviously disappointed at the time to hear the booing. What we have got to remember is the taking of the knee is a stance for everybody. It’s an equality purpose-driven message worldwide.

“Our players have chosen not to do it this season. It has been an approach by the players as one. That’s not to stop the Shrewsbury players doing it and they went ahead and wanted to take the knee.

“I’m not saying for all fans to agree with it or to sit and applaud it, but what we don’t want as a club is to have boos showing a disapproval of it.

“What it does is paint a picture against Sheffield Wednesday that’s not us.

“We’re a wonderful, historic club and a community club that is recognised for its wonderful fan base and its tremendous support. Lots of people look at Sheffield Wednesday as a fabulous football club.

“We want to be remembered for those positive things that we are and not for a section of our fans booing the opposition for taking the knee for five or six seconds, whatever it is.”

He added: “Equality is for all, you and I, anyone listening to this, It’s right across the board. Skin colour, nationality, religion, it’s for everybody.

“I want to clear up that message and put that message out. We are a wonderful football club and we want to remain to be seen as that fantastic football club and not to be painted with negative connotations.

“I don’t stand alone with that because we have had a lot of Sheffield Wednesday supporters ring and write in to express their disappointment at those boos.

“Let’s turn it around, let’s stick together. We have targets and aims and to get those we need to be together.

“Hopefully last week was just minor confusion.”



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