Why head coach chose to stay with Owls

Carlos Carvalhal has spoken of how he turned down offers from other clubs in the summer to stay at Hillsborough.

He said he was out of contract and had approaches from home and abroad after guiding Wednesday to the play-off final. However he added: “I have a big respect for Sheffield Wednesday and a big, big respect for my chairman.

“l had my decision in my head that I want to stay, I have work to do here. I like the fans, I like the club, I love the players and I enjoy it a lot here in Sheffield. Why would I move if I am happy, it does not make sense.”

Looking towards the January transfer window, Carvalhal said: “Don’t expect a revolution in January because we don’t need it … we have a team and if we can improve it ok, but we are not under stress to do so.”




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