Wednesday ‘set to return with phased training’

Wednesday are set to return to work with phased training from next week after ‘locking down’ in late March along with the rest of the country.

Our last game was a 5-0 Championship thrashing at Brentford on March 7 before the then developing coronavirus crisis saw football shut down all over the world. Now, following government and EFL guidance, manager Garry Monk has confirmed the squad are to return with phased training groups from Monday.

Monk said: “That’s what I am planning, that’s what we’ve been told by the EFL. Phase one has been allowed and we are waiting for phase two to be signed off. I’ve seen the Premier League has been told their players can go to phase two, we’re still waiting for that official confirmation but it looks like we will get that this week.

“We will have to wait for phase three, which is normal training, and obviously if we can’t get to that point then we can’t complete the season. But we had a Championship managers’ meeting and the desire is to get the season completed if we possibly can.”

Like all clubs, Wednesday will resume under stringent guidelines, to ensure coronavirus is kept at bay and with the safety of all involved the number one priority.

Monk added: “One of the protocols that should be signed off this week is that before we return on the 25th everyone will be tested. That’s all players and all staff, we will all be tested. That’s part of the protocol before we can go back to training in small groups.

“We’ve been keeping the players updated all the way through this process and this is the first time we’ve had guidance that we can come back. I spoke to all the players on a Zoom call on Monday evening and talked them through what will happen.

“There were a few questions on the testing and the protocols but there was no talk on reservations in terms of anyone expressing a desire not to return. The players are human beings. They have the same concerns as everyone else, the same issues, and if a certain player feels there is a risk to themselves or their families then you have to understand that and consider that, I think that’s the same for everyone.

“That conversation hasn’t taken place yet but if it does then I am sure we will do right by that player or that member of staff. We will cross that bridge if and when we come to it.”

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