‘We need leaders … and more pace to game’

Garry Monk is looking for Wednesday to play a quicker style of football and for more leaders on the pitch as he prepares the squad for the start of the season at Cardiff on Saturday.

Monk has made Barry Bannan new skipper for the season, with former leader Tom Lees as vice captain, but said ahead of the new campaign: “We are trying to encourage contributions from everywhere this season.

“We need much more leadership from within but I have seen a lot more of it. I think it is setting an environment where they feel comfortable to do it and it becomes normal. I don’t think they have really experienced a normal environment before.”

Commenting on the style of play, Monk said: “When you’re looking to move it more dynamically, you want a more aggressive, dynamic feel to it offensively and defensively. That’s what we’re trying to move it to.

“I felt at certain periods last season we were too slow. We had a slower dynamic about us.

“Football is getting quicker and quicker all the time. I have always tried to build a squad that is more dynamic at the other clubs I have worked at.”

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