The Owls and the pussycat … it’s the sequel!

The cat who brought Wednesday’s home game with Wigan to a halt last night had been missing for seven months … but now her owner is looking forward to them being reunited.

Topsey was lost last June when Alison Jubb was taking her to a cattery and she escaped out of the cat box. Social media and poster appeals failed to bring any sightings and Alison thought she would never see the cat again, until Topsey popped up on the left wing for Wednesday in the closing minutes at S6.

Wigan’s Jason Kerr managed to gather her up and the cat was handed over to a Wednesday-supporting vet who was at the game. He took the feline to a veterinary surgery where she was examined, given painkillers as the cat had some bites on her neck and then housed there overnight.

The cat’s microchip was also scanned at the vets, showing that she belonged to Alison and she received a phone call from them this morning, revealing the news of Topsey’s amazing appearance after having gone missing seven months earlier.

Alison said: “My daughter-in-law rang me last night and said, ‘are you watching the football match?’

“I said ‘no’, and she said ‘there’s a cat that ran on the football pitch and it just looks like Topsey’. I sort of laughed it off because I thought it won’t be.

“Then this morning I got a phone call from the vet to say that they’d got her because she’s chipped.”

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