‘Squad is ready for the big kick off’

Lee Bullen was pleased with Wednesday’s display in the 2-2 draw against Espanyol … and ahead of the Championship kick off at Reading on Saturday,

Bullen said: “It’s not often you come up against a team from Europe playing in the top division so these are really valuable experiences. We dominated most of the game but credit to Espanyol because they’ve scored two fantastic goals.”

Looking towards the Reading opener, Bullen said the players are ready for the kick off and admitted his biggest headache will be choosing the squad of 18 – if he is still ‘manager’ by that time.

He said: “If I am in charge on Saturday – and football can change very, very quickly – then it’s going to be a heck of a job picking the squad, never mind the team.

“There’s going to be some players who unfortunately we will have to leave at home and they will be entitled to be very disappointed.

“But that’s a reflection on how good the boys have been doing and how they are bursting to get this season started.”


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