Remaining fixtures for promotion chasers

With Wednesday’s promotion push on hold for the international break, we thought you might like to take a look at the remaining fixtures for ourselves and the other eight clubs chasing the automatic promotion and play-off places.

Such is the nature of the Championship that the rundown probably doesn’t make it any easier to predict which three clubs will be going up at the end of the season.

However, it is an at-a-glance guide to who is playing who … and, depending on previous results, the last day of the season could be extremely interesting with Brighton at Middlesbrough, Derby entertaining Ipswich and Cardiff at home to Birmingham.

Home: Cardiff, Leeds, Middlesbrough, QPR
Away: Brighton, Birmingham, Preston, Charlton

Home: Burnley, Fulham, QPR, Derby,
Away: Birmingham, Forest, Charlton, Middlesbrough

Home: Huddersfield, Preston, Reading, Ipswich, Brighton
Away: QPR, Bolton, Burnley, Birmingham

Home: Bristol City, Wolves, Leeds, Brentford, Rotherham
Away: Derby, Huddersfield, Reading, Bolton

Home: Hull, Bolton, Wednesday, Ipswich
Away: Cardiff, Charlton, Bristol City, Brighton

Home: Blackburn, Ipswich, MK Dons, Cardiff
Away: Huddersfield, Bristol City, Derby, Wolves

Home: Derby, QPR, Bolton, Birmingham
Away: Burnley, Fulham, Brentford, Wednesday

Home: Charlton, Brentford, Fulham, MK Dons,
Away: Wolves, Wednesday, Middlesbrough, Derby

Home: Brighton, Leeds, Burnley, Preston, Middlesbrough
Away: Charlton, Reading, Huddersfield, Cardiff

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