Moore’s rallying call to our 44,000 fans for play-off final

Darren Moore has called on the Wednesday fans to help drive the team to victory in tomorrow’s League One play-off final against Barnsley at Wembley.

With the club selling a phenomenal 44,000 tickets for the match, Moore says: “For me, the biggest component all the time is the fans. The key to this is our fans.

“The consistency, level and volume of support they’ve shown has always been there. They’ve driven us up until now and I’m going to ask them again to continue to do that and let’s approach this game together.

“We’ll have 44,000 down there and that’s the passion I’m talking about. To the fans, thank you. Continue doing what you’re doing, driving these players on, because you are the 12th man.

“It’s going to be a proud day for me in terms of coming out and seeing all the fans at Wembley.”

Moore added: “I was invited to the play-off final in 2016 against Hull and I remember taking my eyes off the game and watching the Wednesdayites bouncing. It was such a joy to see. It’s one of the most fantastic sights I’ve seen in the game.

“That was me watching it from the stands and on Monday I want to see it again from the technical area.

“I thank them all for the support they’ve given us since we came in because what I feel from them is sheer passion and so it’s a thank you.”

Wednesday have on new injury problems ahead of the game, although Moore did hint at Friday’s press conference that George Byers might be involved at some stage in the game.

On the build-up and the final itself, he added: “I’m quite calm about it. We’ve been focussing on getting the necessary work done for Monday.”

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