Monk’s views on state of play at S6

Garry Monk has spoken of how he sees his position at the club after Saturday’s 5-0 demolition at Brentford.

The heavy defeat stretched our dreadful run to two wins in 14 league games, turning a play-off challenge at Christmas to being just nine points above the relegation positions and with a possible EFL points deduction yet to follow.

Monk told BBC Radio Sheffield soon after the final whistle at Griffin Park: “I believe in myself, I believe in my work and I work very hard. I know when it is delivered at the level that it needs to be delivered it is effective and wins games.

“But it’s all well and good saying that. My job is to try and help a team reach those levels and I haven’t been able to do that consistently enough in this period.

“I’m tired of hearing my own voice and my own words saying the same things week in, week out and ultimately it lies at my door, I know that.

“I am trying to give everything but unfortunately I am not getting the response that is needed.”

However, he added: “I’m not a quitter, I have been so determined all through my career and into management.”

Monk continued: “The owner has been very supportive towards me in terms of what we have been going through but I also understand that can only last so long. I hope it lasts longer but all of that is out of my control.

“There are very deep-rooted issues here, not just the football-side of it, other issues as well. Regardless of who stands here will face those same problems until that changes.”

Talking at the after-match Brentford press conference, Monk said: “I felt we were hiding today, shirking that responsibility on the football pitch. One thing you must have is fire in your belly, you must have that heart on the football pitch and we didn’t have that.

“It’s probably the most embarrassed I’ve ever felt in all my time in football. I can only apologise to those fans behind the goal and all those back home, they don’t deserve this. They don’t deserve that type of performance. I feel as embarrassed as they do.”

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