Milan reveals his takeover blueprint for club

Milan Mandaric has spoken of the type of group he believes is needed to come into Hillsborough to take over the reins and drive us back to the Premiership.

Mandaric said: “It is not that I want to sell the club. But this is a big club to even stay in the Championship, it needs the acceleration of going to the Premiership.

“Maybe somebody can come in who will be more aggressive than me and more capable of pushing the club forward – I am trying to accommodate that kind of group or people to do that.

“Just keep in mind I try as much as I can and I have devoted my time, my ambitions and my energy to this club but at the same time I think it has needed more than that. I realise this club needs to go a lot more aggressively forward.”

He said: “This club needs a lot of nursing, a lot of financial support and right now I don’t want it to go anywhere else but forward.”

Mandaric was annoyed over a recent media report which claimed he had lost interest in the club. He said it showed a lack of professionalism and a lack of knowledge about himself and the club, saying: “Of course I was upset. I know how much I care for this club.”

The chairman said there has been groups expressing some interest in the club but no more than that at this stage and that there is no point in constantly responding to on-going speculation about possible takeovers unless there is something tangible to tell the fans.

He said: “The most important thing is that if a takeover happens then it is with a proper group of people who will take this club further and be very positive.”