Milan prepares to start interviewing for new boss

Milan Mandaric hopes to interview a shortlist of candidates in the coming days before appointing a new manager at Hillsborough.

Mandaric, who said he had received up to 60 applications within 24 hours of Dave Jones’ sacking, told the talkSPORT radio station: “We are putting together a shortlist of maybe four or five candidates that are available, that we believe can do the job and on Wednesday, Thursday, we will start to interview these people.

“Hopefully, we will make a decision as soon as we can, but the most important  thing is to make the right decision.

“We need to have a big, strong character. It is not going to be easy. There are a lot of good managers so it is going to be a challenge to bring in the proper guy.”

Mandaric added that fans might have to wait until after the weekend for an announcement to be made.