Milan: I ruled out Warnock because of the fans

Milan Mandaric says the Wednesday fans persuaded him to rule Neil Warnock out of the running for the manager’s job at S6.

News that lifelong Blade Warnock was on the shortlist for the position had sparked an angry response from many supporters and, with others happy to see him come to Hillsborough, there was clear disunity amongst Owls followers.

This led Mandaric to decide to call Warnock yesterday afternoon and tell him that, because of the fans’ reactions, he felt it best to rule Warnock out of the job.

Referring to fans not wanting to see Warnock at Wednesday, Mandaric said: “I was honestly quite unaware that the situation would go this way. The most important thing is for the fans to be united, to get together and get behind the club and not be divided.”

He added: “I don’t want to be a chairman working against their wishes and for that reason I decided┬áto take Neil out of the shortlist.

“I called Neil yesterday afternoon and explained the situation to him. I told him it is imperative we have a solid supporters group going forward at this very difficult time and he understood that.”