Mandaric’s plan to bring in director of football

Milan Mandaric has confirmed that his longer term plan at Hillsborough is to bring in a director of football to work alongside Stuart Gray.

After announcing Gray as head coach on a contract to run until the midle of 2016, Mandaric said: “I am trying to implement a modern type of football management and structure of the club.

“In principle, Stuart’s title allows him to do the same job, he has full power and responsibility but eventually I would like to introduce a director of football to partner with Stuart and his staff.”

The chairman wouldn’t commit to a timescale on such an appointment but referring to Gray, he said: “When he was initially asked to step in, his brief was to get us out of the bottom three, get some wins and clean sheets, and make some tangible progress on the pitch.

“Stuart has achieved all those things, he was given the chance to impress and has taken that chance with both hands.”