Mandaric: New manager ‘sooner rather than later’

Milan Mandaric said today that he expects to make a decision on a new manager “sooner rather than later” as speculation continues over who will be the next boss at S6.

The Owls chairman told BBC Radio Sheffield that there was no immediate change in the situation, with Stuart Gray continuing as caretaker manager, and would not expand on exactly when any appointment might be made. He added that he wants to ensure stability at the club, saying he could have confirmed Gray in the permanent role after two or three successful games as caretaker … but results could then have gone wrong.

Mandaric said the fact that Gray is still caretaker puts him in a good position but that there are always other options and when asked if Paul Ince, sacked today by Blackpool, was a possible new manager he said he was not going to discuss any names.