Mandaric ‘stands by Jones’ after another shocker

Milan Mandaric has given his backing to Dave Jones for the immediate future – despite another wretched home performance from the Owls.

Mandaric told BBC Radio Sheffield that he had had a lengthy meeting with Jones after the dismal 2-1 defeat to Huddersfield, stretching this season’s run to one win in 15 games. He told them: “He’s still the manager … and he will be there next week.”

The latest shocking display was met with a chorus of boos from many of the 19,000 crowd at both half-time and full-time and Jones’ S6 future looked to be hanging by a thread.

Wednesday appeared to be devoid of any game plan or organisation, team-mates were openly arguing with each other on the pitch and, as the already fragile confidence of the side worsened, the majority of the players clearly did not want to step up to the task and take some responsibility and ownership on the field.

It looked to be the last roll of the Hillsborough ball for Jones but Mandaric’s after-match words appear to show he is standing by his man … for the time being at least.