Mandaric plans matchday farewell to fans

Milan Mandaric plans to take a ‘final bow’ in front of the fans before formally stepping down as Wednesday chairman following today’s Thai takeover.

Mandaric praised the supporters for their loyalty and trust during his four years in charge and said today’s annnouncement of a Thai takeover had been an emotional one for him. He added: “It will probably be more so in the future because I would like to step onto the pitch at the next home game and say goodbye to my friends.”

He will retain an advisory role for the new owners and in a message to the supporters said: “I am stepping down as a chairman and director but I am not stepping down as being your friend forever.

“I have done my job for you, I am leaving your club in good shape, with a good future and financial security. I am very proud of what I have done and I just hope you appreciate it as well.

“I thank you for all your trust and support. This was not an easy decision but I think it is the right one for the club and for the supporters and I am happy with that.”

Mandaric took over at Hillsborough in December 2010, with the club in a worrying financial position, and reflecting on his time at S6 he said: “I am very happy and proud of what I have done here.

“I always told the supporters I would take care of their club, clean it, sort it out, put it in the right direction and try to go as high as I could during my time here. And when I leave, I said I would secure the financial future of the club.

“I can now look those fans in the eyes and say I have done what I promised you. The club is in good shape and in good hands and I am happy for my supporters.”

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