Kirkland looks to Blackburn trip after fan attack

Chris Kirkland is aready looking to the trip to Blackburn on Wednesday after Friday night’s on-the-pitch attack by a Leeds fan.

The Wednesday keeper says of the assault: “I thought he was going to give me some abuse but then suddenly he came at me with both hands and I was stunned. I felt the full force and was just shocked because you never know what could have been in his hands.”

He added: “I thought of my family watching something like that and it was not a nice feeling to think my daughter saw me assaulted like that.”

Kirkland, who thanked Wednesday fans and other people in the game for their support, says he hopes the authorities take appropriate action once the attacker is traced.

Looking ahead he said: “Now I am looking to the game at Blackburn in midweek. It’s not about individuals, it’s about Sheffield Wednesday because this is a fantastic football club.

“The sad thing is that what happened overshadowed what was an outstanding performance and we want to build on that at Blackburn on Wednesday.”

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