Jones: We were beaten by better team

Dave Jones held his hands up and said Wednesday were beaten by the better side against Leicester … but his biggest concern was how we were outworked and outfought by the opposition when the going got tough.

Jones said: “Leicester are a very good side with some very good players and they are a better side than us. They are an established side in the Championship and we are not at that level yet.

“But we didn’t help ourselves today because we were outfought and we didn’t create the chances that we normally do and that was disappointing.

“The better teams in this division will pick you off when you are not at your best and that is what we saw today.”

Jones also pointed to errors for both goals and said we lost too many battles all over the pitch, his only praise being reserved for the back four and, in particular, loanee Jeremy Helan and Martin Taylor.

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