Jones angry at display … and so were fans!

Dave Jones summed up the feelings of the thousands of Wednesday fans who made the trip to Derby on Saturday as we saw the promise of last week’s win over Reading quickly disappear at Pride Park.

He said: “We lost our personal battles and that was an important part of the game.

“We gave away free kicks, corners, and eventually they would find their range, which they did. We’ve let ourselves down and the thousands of supporters who came down to  Derby. It’s frustrating, it’s annoying and they have had a volley in there.

“But they were told before the game and they were told at half time.”

He added: “I didn’t see that coming and neither did any of us to be honest.  From the highs of last week to that – I can’t believe it because training has been so sharp all week.

“We have been electric for six days and then we get that on the seventh. It’s the sublime to the ridiculous.

“After two steps forward last week, we have taken three back today.”