JJ sits out home opener as three-game ban confirmed

Jermaine Johnson starts his three-match ban against Burnley on Saturday … meaning he also misses the trip to Leeds next weekend and then the S6 clash with Millwall on August 24.

JJ’s suspension follows his red card at Rotherham for headbutting Ben Pringle, an action which sparked after-match cricitism of the player from manager Dave Jones.

Reflecting on the incident 48 hours later, Jones confirmed Johnson would also be punished by the football club and added: “I feel really let down by him.”

Jones added: “If it was his first time then you might be a little more lenient – but that’s not the case.

“He can’t be doing that, we are professional people and we should play in a professional manner.”

As for the future, Jones said it was the first time JJ had done something wrong under his managership but added that if there was a repeat of such behaviour then the punishment from the football club would be harsher than this time around.