‘It’s an amazing opportunity … and we can build something special here’

New manager Danny Rohl has spoken about the excitement at joining Wednesday and outlined both his hopes and plans for the club.

The 34-year-old took up his first managerial position today and said: “It’s amazing to be here and I’m looking forward to being a part of this traditional club.”

Rohl has previously been in assistant roles at RB Leipzig, Southampton, Bayern Munich and the German national team and he told the club website, swfc.co.uk,: “I am ready for this. It is a big challenge to step forward as a manager but I have prepared for the last 10 years for this and it is amazing I have this first step here at Sheffield Wednesday.

“I have seen videos of the club and the crowd …  they all showed me the passion of the fans here, it’s crazy to be here and to be part of this club.”

He added: “I also saw the pictures of the promotion, there was a fantastic atmosphere in the stadium and the players were like a family.

“We need this to create the energy with our fans here and then we can build up something special.

“We need the first step forward, to train hard every single day and be successful in the future. I am convinced about this group and that we can go forward.”

As far as what he wants to see from the team on the pitch, Rohl said: “I want to see intensity, I want us to be active and very aggressive on the pitch and to be brave.

“I know what we can do in one week, how we can prepare the team for next week and it is all about then showing the conviction and all thinking in one direction. If we do this then I am sure we will be successful.”

When asked about  his first impressions of Hillsborough as a stadium, he continued: “The stadium is amazing, it is different to other stadiums, you have the feeling of tradition in the air.

“I imagine if we have 25,000 in the ground all behind us and we give everything on the pitch then we will create a great, great atmosphere here.”





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