Former Owls coach Tony Toms dies, aged 76

Former Wednesday trainer and coach Tony Toms has passed away, aged 76.

Tony, an ex-Royal Marine Commando, was brought to Hillsborough in the mid-seventies by the then manager Len Ashurst, the pair having previously worked together at Hartlepool and Gillingham.

He became well known for his tough training sessions and this included taking the players on an overnight camping expedition to nearby Broomhead Moors in the depths of January 1976. It  followed a run of 11 games without a win and the next match saw us beat Chester 2-0!

When Len Ashurst left Hillsborough in 1977, Tony continued in his role under new boss Jack Charlton.

The London Owls send our sincere sympathies to Tony and his family at this sad time.



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