Family’s fears over Chansiri fan abuse

Chairman Dejphon Chansiri says his family fear for his safety after receiving abuse from some Wednesday supporters.

Speaking at his Hillsborough forum with the fans on Monday evening, Mr Chansiri said: “Nowadays you make my family feel scared. My family worry about me. You make my family feel not safe. I still believe in our fans but sometimes you say very bad insults.”

He added: “If you want me to leave, I can leave immediately. Don’t insult me. I think I try to do my best for the club. If you think I’m not good enough, find someone who can do better than me.

“This is like my second home. It is in my blood. If you don’t want me to stay, I can leave.”

Mr Chansiri said good supporters should back the club and the team at all times, talking of how the fans got behind the side in his first two years but were then extremely critical of the players last season when they needed their support.




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