Evans: We’ll play bigger teams than Owls

Steve Evans took a verbal swipe or two at Wednesday after seeing us defeat his Rotherham side in an amazing finale at the New York Stadium.

Asked if the last-gasp defeat was harder to take because it was against Sheffield Wednesday, Evans replied: “It is nothing to do with it being against Sheffield Wednesday – we will play much bigger teams than Sheffield Wednesday in the Championship in the next few weeks, when teams like Norwich come to town.”

Evans said the better team lost and, referring to Wednesday’s style of play, he added: “People talk about playing football, I don’t want to play like they play, I don’t want to just launch it at someone who is six foot six tall.”

The Rotherham boss also slammed his side’s defending in conceding the three late goals and was critical of some of the refereeing decisons, including the amount of added time at the end of the game.

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