Club issues claim against EFL

Wednesday has issued its claim against the English Football League (EFL) for acting unlawfully, in relation to its alleged disciplinary charges.

The EFL charges surround the sale of Hillsborough and in a statement released today, the club said:

“We have sought to engage with the EFL in order to agree a sensible procedure to resolve the dispute arising from the fact that the Club relied upon representations from the EFL in relation to the sale transaction which is the subject of the charges.

“The Club regrets that the EFL has so far refused to agree to the Club being permitted to make its claim and refused to agree to a sensible procedure for dealing with the dispute.

“The Club will continue to take such steps as it considers necessary to protect and enforce its rights against the EFL and to protect it from unlawful action by the EFL affecting the Club and the performance of its team.”

Wednesday added that it will not be making any further comment at this stage.

Earlier this month, Wednesday filed its response to the charges brought by the EFL for alleged misconduct concerning the sale and leaseback of Hillsborough stadium and the inclusion of the profit on that sale in the club’s 2017/18 accounts.

The club said at the time that it had informed the EFL that the charges are themselves unlawful and, without prejudice to that fact, are all denied by the Club and the other Respondents.


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