Club apologises over kit launch delay

Wednesday have said sorry to the fans after the delay in unveiling our 150th anniversary kit for the new season.

The strips were revealed on Wednesday – just 72 hours before the Championship season kick off – and Chief Operating Officer, Joe Palmer, told Wednesday’s Steering Group meeting at Hillsborough that the problems arose when the planned kit supplier for the coming season came back to the club in May with prices that were double those that had been previously agreed.

This led to the club deciding to look elsewhere before agreeing a deal with Elev8.

Palmer told the meeting: “We had to take a bit of a risk and go back out to the market to see what we could find. We decided we were going to see it through.”

He said the delay had had a detrimental effect on pre-season revenue streams but added: “I will take criticism. I can understand the frustration and maybe why people are a little embarrassed. We are not happy with it but unfortunately it’s the way it goes.

“I know from the outside it doesn’t look great but we are very pleased with the shirt. We apologise that it didn’t come out sooner. We wish it had.”

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