Carvalhal: Lucas lost six months of career

Head coach Carlos Carvalhal believes Lucas Joao lost his way after bursting onto the Hillsborough scene in the early part of last season.

The young Portuguese striker caught the eye of watching millions last year with an outstanding display to help knock Arsenal out of the League Cup in front of the Sky cameras and he quickly earnt a call-up to his country’s senior squad.

However, Carvalhal indicated that Joao later set himself back six months during the season and it was a long time before he learnt his lesson to get back into the Wednesday first team squad.

Carvalhal said: “I know a lot of players with big potential who never achieve what they can achieve.

“We had this with Lucas last season. He came with big expectations, we give him his chance and he does very well.

“But after that, he loses a little control of his self-expectations. He comes down as a completely different player. He receives a lesson and now he is growing up more strong and with a better base.

“But he missed maybe six months of his career. Now he is more solid and confident and he learnt his lesson.”

Explaining further, the head coach said of Joao’s actions last season: “He dream a lot and he forget the way to go in the correct way. He forget the things he must do to improve and improve.

“Now I think he learnt the lesson. He came back very well in the last two games, especially with his team work.

“I can’t say whether he will stabilise or not, this is not dependent on me. It depends on whether he learnt his lesson or not.

“I wish, like and hope he can be stabilised.”

Carvalhal was initially responding to a question about the progress of 18-year-old striker George Hirst. He confirmed that Hirst is not ready for first team football and that the club needs to provide him with the right steps in his progression.



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