Carlos: We need to live in the real world

Carlos Carvalhal has called on Wednesday fans to live in the real world as the closure of the January transfer window approaches.

As with many clubs, Wednesday have been linked with big money deals for players – including Middlesbrough striker Jordan Rhodes. However, Carvalhal has talked of how the transfer window speculation can lead to a fantasy world for supporters, creating expectations higher than the reality, and pointing the finger at agents sometimes wrongly linking us with big money signings via news reports.

Confirming that Wednesday might have completed all our transfer window signings, he said: “There is the fantasy world and the reality world. We live in the reality world but the problem is that there is a gap between the fantasy and reality worlds that get people thinking Sheffield Wednesday is swimming in the gold pool.”

The head coach said he and the club do not want to break the Financial Fair Play rules and also have a policy on players’ salaries that they don’t want to change.

He added: “I love my players, I love Sheffield Wednesday and with my players we will do our best.

“But please, everybody, put your feet on the floor, and let’s focus on what we must do – to fight and run a lot to win the games. This is what we must do with honesty.”







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