Carlos looks for reaction … and promotion

Head coach Carlos Carvalhal expects the Owls to come out fighting for the points at Birmingham on Wednesday evening … and believes he can lead us back to the Premier League at the end of the season.

Speaking in the aftermath of Sunday’s dismal ‘derby day’ display, Carvalhal said: “You have two choices in this moment. You can still be crying and think about the past or you react looking forward to the future and try to prepare to win the next game, this is our way.

“We can do nothing about the past but we can do something about the future.

“I expect a good reaction from my players at Birmingham. We usually react very fast and very well.”

He added: “If you have a problem in your life you have the same thing to do. You either stay at home crying  or you go outside and go to fight.

“If you stay at home you will be there for maybe two or three months and never go outside – but if you go to fight you can try to solve the things in the next minute or the next day … so this is what we must do, let’s go to fight.”

Looking further ahead, Carvalhal said: “I am very resilient, I will stay here … we are working hard to get promoted and we can do it.”

After results in the Championship on Tuesday evening, Wednesday travel to Birmingham in 13th spot, five points off the play-off places, seven behind second-placed Leeds and 10 points adrift of leaders Cardiff.





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