Carlos: I felt threatened after being ‘sent off’

Carlos Carvalhal says he felt threatened after being sent to the stands at Bolton and would ask for police protection if he was ‘red-carded’ again at an away ground.

The head coach was dismissed in the closing minutes of the Carabao Cup tie at the Macron Stadium last month, following an altercation with Bolton boss, Phil Parkinson, who was also ‘sent off’.

Carvalhal was then involved in a further dispute with stewards as he went to the stand and it was this situation, happening amidst the opposition fans, that caused him most concern.

Reflecting on the incident, he said on Monday: “What happened that day was really very bad. I never felt fear and I never felt threatened at a football game before but I felt threat and fear.”

He hopes such a problem does not arise again but, if it did, he says he would call for police protection straightaway, for fear of further issues, explaining: “I don’t want anyone to touch me in this situation and I will try to be near the police to put me in the directors’ box because I must protect myself.

“I want police protection in that situation because I will not take that risk again.”

He admitted he was wrong to leave his technical area during the dispute at Bolton and accepted his punishment and said, while he would continue to protect his players, he needs to avoid leaving his designated area in future.



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