London Owls invited to join Wednesday’s ‘fan strategy meet’

The London Owls are one of several supporter groups invited by Wednesday to take part in an initial meeting to help improve communications with the fans.

The football club today announced plans which “aim to form structured, communal engagement across a range of fans’ groups”, Wednesday looking to initially develop a panel primarily formed from established supporter groups, including ourselves.

An introductory meeting, with one member from each group, is scheduled for this Saturday – via Zoom – with Paul Woolfson expected to be the London Owls representative.

Future meets, which will be face-to-face when it is safe to do so, will have agreed agendas and overviews will then be signed off and distributed to the wider fan base through all available platforms.

The football club is also inviting applications from individuals to get involved, to ensure that all age groups are represented.

Wednesday added: “Our over-arching aim is to reach out and engage with as many of our supporters as possible from all age groups, both domestically and overseas, and we firmly believe this modified strategy will lay firm foundations for ongoing fan engagement.”

Full details of Wednesday’s plans are available on the club website.

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